Important Considerations For Your SEO

In terms of SEO, there are those people who think that a) they can’t learn it, or b) it can’t be done. And, guess what: they’re right. And there are those who think that a) they can learn it, and b) it can be done. And, guess what: they’re right, too. Which camp are you in? Your team members? Can, or can’t?

Look around your organization and make a list of those people who need to be involved with your SEO project.

Management and Marketers

These people are involved in the sense of understanding who your customers are, what you sell, and what the sales objectives are for your website. Your website, after all, isn’t an end in itself but a means to an end: more sales.


Content Writers

Who writes (or will write) content for the website? These people need at least a basic understanding of your keywords and, even better, an understanding of how “On Page” SEO works so that they know where to strategically place keywords on web content.

Web Designers

News flash: your website isn’t just for humans! It’s also for Google. You’ll have to educate your web design team that your website needs to “talk” to Google just as much as it “talks” to humans. As we will learn, what Google likes (text) isn’t generally what people like (pictures).

Web Programmers

The folks who program the backend, like your URL structure, your XML sitemaps and all that technical stuff. Who are these people and how will you get them on board for the SEO project?

Link Builders

Google heavily rewards websites that have many inbound links to them, and so you’ll need “link builders” to ask directories, trade associations or trade shows, bloggers, journalists, and other websites to link back to your website. What people in your company interface with outside websites, and are in a position to solicit inbound links?

Social Media and Outreach Experts

Social media is the new wave in SEO, so you’ll need those folks who are (or will be) active on Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Facebook and the like to be “SEO aware,” in the sense of how social media impacts SEO performance. You’ll need folks who participate in social media and can encourage social influencers to share your website URLs.